Vandana Convent School,Guna
Vandana Convent School,Guna
(Affiliated to CBSE Bharat) CBSE Affiliation No.1030102
To The Students
  1. All the students are expected to be regular and punctual; Students should attend the assembly every day.
  2. The students should observe perfect silence while moving to the ground or computer lab, other labs, library, music room. Silence enhances concentration and study.
  3. As the medium of instruction is English, all should speak English all the time in the campus.
  4. Students shall not leave school premises without the written permission from the Public Relation Officer (PRO) Students are not suppose to  contact outsiders without the permission from the school office.
  5. Class work and Home work assigned by the teachers should be done regularly and submitted for correction on due date. Late submission may not be evaluated.
  6. Every student should bring the school almanac daily to school.
  7. In case of leave, the parents should get the leave granted in advance and mention in the leave record page with proper signature along with a separate leave application to the Principal. For sick leave for more than three days, medical certificate should be produced.
  8. Students may be sent home in emergency, but only with the parents. 

  9. The school authorities will not be responsible for the loss of money, books or any other article of the students.
  10. Students should keep the school premises neat and clean and are not allowed to pluck flowers or fruits from the garden.
  11. A student who comes late will not be permitted to attend the school.
  12. No half day leave is allowed without the written application from the parents.
  13. Students shall always uphold the dignity of the institution by their noble behaviour, polite language and any behaviour contrary to these will be deemed as violation of school rules and will invite punishment and reprimands as decided by the competent authorities.
  14. Students shall maintain perfect silence in the library and use books with utmost care and follow the rules of library.
  15. No student is allowed to wear  ornaments in the school.
  16. No student is allowed to come to school on two wheelers without proper licence and a helmet.