Vandana Convent School,Guna
Vandana Convent School,Guna
(Affiliated to CBSE Bharat) CBSE Affiliation No.1030102
Vision & Mission

The aim of Vandana Convent School is to form students into integrated and good human beings, whose intellectual, educational, moral and physical well being will enable them to face the challenges of tomorrow, all the while being firmly rooted in our culture and love for our country, faith in God as exemplified in the life and teachings of the Supreme Guru. The education imparted is characterized by thoroughness, high principles and a freedom, which helps the students to grow in responsibility, self reliance and the ability to make wise decisions. The pursuit of excellence according to each one's potential is of paramount importance.

Along with academic excellence, the school strongly upholds moral and spiritual values, The integral development of personality of our students is the prime goal of our school. it is achieved through effective studies, sports games and other co-curricular activities. Special efforts are made in promoting integration of students belonging to different linguistic, religious and social backgrounds and thus, shaping them to be open-minded and balanced citizens of the global family.


Building the people of God through the formation of enlightened and responsible


Integral development of children through holistic education with special attention on families.