Vandana Convent School,Guna
Vandana Convent School,Guna
(Affiliated to CBSE Bharat) CBSE Affiliation No.1030102
Principals Desk

Today the future rests on the youth of the country.Youth has to secure his future along with the future of his family, country and this world. Working with the goal of securing future with determination and without distraction, young people have to do things which bring happiness to as many people as possible.

One should have gratefulness towards all - family, friends, teachers school, books, environment and above all god that they have given him the ability to learn, only learning can bring success in life, not books. I personally believe that the students are the future of tomorrow and they should be nurtured in a way that they lead a better future for themselves as well as the country. We constantly strive in Vandana Convent School to nurture and groom young talent into disciplined and enthusiastic teens. I am confident that with the support of the faculty, we well be able to give best to all those who enter into this temple of learning. I welcome all of you to the Vandana family with an Oath that they would always get the best of us at every stage of their studies in this institution. We will empower our students to think beyond the necessary and to perform beyond the expected with the emphasis on values and over all development. I hope that vandanites will make a perfect fit in the ensuing business scenario and technologies. Welcome to Vandana. We Congratulate you for taking the first step to the path of your dreams which leads to success.


Sr. Catherine Vattoly

Vandana Convent School